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VR Collaboration Offer

Paracosma Inc is offering free remote virtual reality (VR) collaboration and event services for companies, events and entertainers impacted by the Covid19 Coronavirus. Utilizing Microsoft’s AltspaceVR social VR platform, Paracosma will build branded AltspaceVR “Worlds” for companies and promoters to use as their custom event space for hosting remote multiuser meetings and events in Virtual Reality.

The global coronavirus pandemic has caused massive disruption to global travel, tradeshows, cultural events, and business operations. All of California, New York and Illinois and ten other states are now under state-wide “stay at home” orders. Italy, France, Spain, Belgium and other countries have imposed country-wide lockdowns. Work-from-home mandates are affecting hundreds of millions of workers. Schools have closed, switching to remote learning. This ‘social distancing’ has forced the cancellation of face-to-face meetings and the necessity for new remote collaboration solutions.

Virtual Reality provides a risk-free environment for business people and consumers to meet “in person” in a virtual office, auditorium, meeting hall or event venue that is accessible to anyone in the world with an Internet-connected AltspaceVR compatible device.

As part of its promotional offer, Paracosma will help companies that have implemented work-from-home or travel-ban policies, event organizers that have canceled previously planned tradeshows and concerts and schools that are mandating remote learning as a result of Covid19 to create use-appropriate, custom-branded meeting spaces, known as ‘Worlds’ in AltspaceVR. Built on Microsoft’s scalable AltspaceVR platform, these Worlds can be used for remote collaboration, hosting events and musical performances, and teaching students in a multiuser shared virtual space.

AltspaceVR is currently offering Worlds as a beta feature. Thus, while not all features and functions are fully optimized or guaranteed to be permanent, we will also be working closely with AltspaceVR to test and enable new capabilities to improve the service. Enterprises requiring more advanced VR collaboration tools or multi-user VR training beyond a simple virtual meeting location can also choose to set up an appointment with a Paracosma representative to discuss custom VR development services.

To take advantage of Paracosma’s VR Collaboration offer, please fill out the form below.

Please provide contact details, upload your company, event, or school logo, provide basic information on your meeting or event requirements (type of space, number of users), and Paracosma will contact you with next steps.